Yes Exactly at South by Southwest Music Festival

Posted March 24, 2015
Written by ABC

Yes Exactly represents at the South by Southwest Music Festival. Austin, Texas.

In line EA and TG Here we are at South by Southwest Music Festival. We like to think we might have been the most indie/DIY professionals there at the entire festival. (We brought our own sandwiches and granola bars, anyway.)
Single Mothers Then again, maybe we were just there to be fans and take in some awesome music. Here are The Single Mothers, just one of the bands we saw.
TG Our artists' music service, Million Song Mixtape, is a streaming music service that generates cryptocurrency for artists and fans. Its purpose is to improve financial conditions in the music industry with special attention paid to independent artists and musicians from non-Western musical traditions. We launch in June. Learn how you can be part of the Million Song Mixtape at

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